How To Choose A Band Saw

Band Saw

Band saws are generally used in wood workshops. They are primarily used in two ways; thinning out thicker planks of wood and to create smooth curves on wooden items, where they are needed. Apart from these two main functions, they are also used for joinery purposes and straight-line ripping.

Band saws are available in all manner of sizes. These range from simple and basic desktop models that cost less than $100 dollars to huge industrial models that cost up to several thousand dollars. In terms of power input, the contemporary designs feature two electric wheels stationed below and above the work surface or table which houses a flexible blade for cutting purposes. There are smaller 9 inch to 10 inch models which are intended for more detailed works, 14 inch bandsaws that are used for general purpose works and 18 inch bandsaws which are used for re-sawing works.

If you plan to acquire one of these power tools for your home or workshop use, it is important you learn a thing or two on how to choose a bandsaw. Some of the most important aspects that you would need to consider include:

The Type Of Material That It Will Be Cutting

Different techniques are required when cutting different materials. For instance, cutting aluminum requires that you use a higher blade speed than when cutting other materials. In order to increase the life span of the blade, experts recommend on adjusting the speed of the blade at the fly wheel. However, recent technological advancements have led to the creation of bandsaws that automatically synchronize the speed of the blade depending on the type of material being cut and the type of blade in order to achieve optimum performance.

The Kind Of Desired Production Levels

The type of band saw control usually determines the production capacity of the machine. For this option, you may either go with a CNC control or basic manual control. Band saws that have the option of programming single parts in line with the desired quantity and part length have a higher production level. In some models, you would be able to set the cutting angles as well. Other factors that have a heavy bearing on the band saw production level include motor size or power, blade size and the re-saw/rip capacities.

The Processed Material Shape

The shape of the material to be processed would be another important consideration. For example, if you intend to use it to cut round stocks feed for a chip making machine, a dual column bandsaw would be the perfect choice for this purpose. If you intend to work on I-beams, then a structural bandsaw would be the right equipment for this job. Other types of bandsaws include single-column, vertical and scissors bandsaws. Each of these bandsaws is designed for a specific function. However, the scissors bandsaw is a versatile saw and can be used for more than one function.

The Material And Blade Size

Indeed, material and blade size are critical aspects to consider. Maxing out the capacity of the blade or saw is not a good idea. This is essentially because larger pieces of material tend to push the guide arms of the band saw outwards which in turn compromises the blade’s beam strength. As a guide, the blade should ideally cover 80 percent of the piece that you intend to work on. The strength of the beam may compromise the rate of production as well as whether the cut is square or not.

Whether Mitering And Bundling Matter

Bundle cutting is a great way to improve the production level of the band saw. In order to effectively carry out bundle cutting, the round tubing ends have to be firmly welded together and the clamps have to be bundled together too. This prevents spinning participants, which would eventually destroy the blade. Some of the terms you are likely to come across in regards to this include single miter, fixed miter and double miter bandsaws. What you settle for should be guided by your needs.

All said, the tips offered above only touch very lightly on what you should consider. If you have never used or bought the equipment before, it is best you get opinion from an expert on the matter.

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